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How To Style Your Favorite Tulle Midi Skirt

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile”

When I saw this blush colored tulle full midi skirt, I just had to have it.  The soft hue of pink is perfect for Spring. The moment I tried on this skirt I instantly felt happy. And yes… I did the “twirl” that all little girls do when they try on a pretty dress for the first time.   It’s amazing how one item of clothing can instantly change your mood. That’s what I love about fashion, it can be used as an expression of our mood or personality; almost like its own language. Continue reading

Don’t Retire Your Sweaters or Boots Just Yet….


Spring is here, you’re ready to ditch your winter coat and bust out the pastels. One problem, April weather can be so unpredictable, especially in upstate New York. This outfit is perfect for one of those chilly days where the sun isn’t shining. I love this Alexxa sweater from Glamour and Glow in mustard. It’s super soft and has a perfect relaxed fit. I layered it over a plaid button down and paired it with my favorite pair of dark denim skinny jeans. And, I completed the look with these fabulous burgundy over-the-knee boots from Charlotte Russe. These boots have quickly become my favorite. They add a pop of color and can easily be worn with jeans, leggings, a skirt or dress.

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Benefits of Waterless Pedicures

I have had more manicures and pedicures than I can even begin to count. But I recently heard about waterless pedicure treatments and had to find out more. I knew AgeLess SPA was known for their waterless pedicure treatments, so I called to make an appointment for an AgeLess Foot Detail with Traditional Polish. I just had to see for myself what all the hype was about with waterless pedicures and I couldn’t wait to experience it.

On the day of my appointment, I was warmly greeted by the friendly staff at AgeLess SPA at Radisson Hotel Corning. After they politely offered me water, tea, or coffee, I was escorted back to their single pedicure room. I found the intimacy of the single room both comforting and relaxing. My technician, Katherine, was very sweet. She explained the treatment I was about to have, asked if I had any questions, and allowed me to pick out a polish color for my toes.  


The pedicure was similar to others from my past experiences, but what made it unique was my feet were not soaked in water. Katherine started by removing my old polish, trimming, and filing my toenails to shape. She pushed back my cuticles with a wooden cuticle pusher and used a buffer to buff my toenails. She also used a foot file to file the down the bottoms of my feet and followed it with an exfoliating scrub. While the scrub was on my feet, she wrapped a hot steamed towel around each foot and used it to wipe off the scrub (which can I say, felt amazing!). She then massaged a thick mask to my feet to soften the skin, feet, and heels. While the mask was still on my feet, she placed warming booties on each foot. The heat from the booties helped absorb and lock in the mask. While my feet were soaking up the warmth, she massaged my legs with a scented lotion of my choice. After about five minutes of massage, she removed the booties and excess mask with another hot steamed towel, and then my toes were ready to be polished (as for me, I was so relaxed at this point!). A clear bottom coat was applied followed by two coats of the vibrant red color polish I picked out and set with a fast drying top coat.

Afterward, my feet felt very smooth and moisturized. The whole experience was very enjoyable and my feet were so happy again! The moisturizing mask and warming booties were both attractive alternatives to the traditional water pedicures that I’m used to. And aside from the fact to saving water, there are many benefits to a waterless treatment.  


Waterless pedicures are more sanitary. A waterless pedicure eliminates any potential for soaking in dirty water. Personally, I always questioned the cleanliness of the pedicure bowls and how well they are cleaned between uses. A lot of salons have clients back-to-back so you can imagine there isn’t a whole lot of time for scrubbing and sanitizing equipment between clients. At AgeLess SPA, they fit 15 minutes of recovery time into their schedule between each client to ensure they have enough time to clean and get the room ready for the next person. They also never reuse utensils such as files, cuticle pushers, or buffers. They even offer them to you to take home at the end of your treatment.

Waterless pedicures are also safer, especially for diabetics. I am not a diabetic, but I recently learned that diabetics suffer from poor circulation, which means it takes the body longer to heal itself. It’s not uncommon for the skin on the feet to become dry and cracked especially during the cold, winter months. But diabetic or not, if you have a small knick or cut while soaking in potential bacteria infested water, it could lead to serious health problems.

Many of us find soaking in warm water to be soothing and relaxing, but maybe we should rethink this traditional scenario. I learned that soaking in warm water for longer than a couple minutes actually dehydrates the skin rather than moisturizing it. Even though soaking does soften the cuticles, it’s better to use a cuticle remover cream or gel because the water could soften the cuticles so much that they tear which could lead to potential infections.

Lastly, waterless pedicures can last longer. Soaking in water causes your natural nails to swell and expand, so as the nails dry they contract and shrink. If the polish is applied before the nails naturally shrink back, the polish may crack and peel. By spending the time and money to be pampered, you want to prolong the life of your pedicure.

After learning all the benefits and having such a pleasant experience at AgeLess SPA, I am not sure I can go back to the traditional water pedicures I’m used to. I highly recommend visiting AgeLess SPA for a waterless treatment because I promise you will be pleased with their level of professionalism, cleanliness, and overall experience of the treatment.  

Also, spring is right around the corner, so make sure you make your appointment as soon as possible because you are going to be wearing those open-toed shoes before you know it!


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